Artful Living is about feeding senses and spirits through the exploration of art, music, fashion, lifestyle, culture and creative happenings.

Take me to the River @ArtRevivalFoxCities focuses on transforming empty or unexpected spaces via engaging, multi-sensory art experiences across diverse mediums. Focused on infusing more art and art appreciation into Wisconsin’s beautiful Fox Cities region. Bringing new life and vibrancy to businesses and communities as a result.

Community partnerships and visionary collaborations make it happen. It starts with a passion for creative placemaking for creative communities and creative minds. Enliven your environment and turn your vacant, tired, or unused space into a venue brimming with art, life, and fresh possibilities!

2 thoughts on “Life is like a river. Make it artful!

  1. I wrote a song for International Earth Day— which is now a Song/Video that you may enjoy since you seem to be a Artsy Woman. You can click on the link on my Facebook page (Mark Spanbauer) or I can email it to you.


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