The abode churns chaos.
Yet creature comforts abound amid the clutter.
Doors swinging open reveal crumb-laden hallways
Darkening into both wide and small spaces.
What then?
A cat grey as fog skitters in,
Defiant muzzle raised in my direction.
Has it always been there?
Neglected, forgotten somehow?
It quietly circles my human form,
Soft, padding steps tapping out a plea,
Unmistakable frustration told through its eyes.
I know what that look means;
The crumbs have been eaten,
It is scarcely enough.
Yes! Thirst! Of course!
My visitor is wild for water, distractedly so.
I feel it, too.
The bowl is empty, stagnant, a mirage of relief.
Hesitation, a stare, and then-
Water sensed through smell, noses twitching,
Feline and female alike.
Yes, so very alike we are.
A washbasin ready for soaking away toil and sweat beckons.
Eyes connect, pulses quicken, a choice is made;
Silvery lithe blur leaps with wings imagined,
Its tongue ready to lap up its craving.
Puddle, pool, lake, endless ocean…
Airborne, limbs outstretched like a plane in flight,
Dive! Splash! Drink!
I lick the spray across my lips,
My own thirst quenched.


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